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Lost 17 Kilos in 12 Weeks.

Asthma, Migraine, Insomnia, High B.P. So What? Mother of 3 Kids , The Inspiration for this NATION. My Strongest Client ever.

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Lost 14 Kilos in 12 Weeks.

This is how your life turn black & white to color with lot of Motivation. When you achieve this kinda successful transformation in just #12weeks!

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Lost 11 Kilos in 12 Weeks.


Lost 10 kilos in 12 Weeks.

One more super success in 12 week transformation series! Introducing to you all, My new Transformation.My client Maitri Trivedi, lost 10 kg of fat over the period of 12 weeks.

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Lost 11 kilos in 12 Weeks.

61% Indians are vegetarian Getting a vegetarian client was normal for me but this was for the first time that I got a vegan client.

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Lost 10 kilos in 12 Weeks.

The BLACK BEAUTY of TeamSiddhantBist Pooja got in touch with me through Facebook and we got in talking and finally fixed an appointment for counselling.

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Lost 10 kilos in 12 Weeks.

Tiny Girl Turns a Rockstar!!! Another success story of my 12 Week Transformation Program! She is Rock Star of TeamSiddhantBist, Amrita has been working out for many years.

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Lost 8 Kilos in just 12 Weeks.

This is the proof we should not focus on scale focus on mirror.


Lost 8 kilos in 12 Weeks.

From Balloon gal to Super gal ! Boom! This time, 8 weeks Transformation! My client Sonika Manshani Lost 9 Kilo fat in just 8 weeks! Here is the interesting success story!

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Lost 8 kilos in 8 Weeks.

When I had launched my 8 weeks transformation 2.0 program,after the massive success of 12 weeks transformation,

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Lost 7 kilos in 8 Weeks.

She puked all her excuses in day 1 of the 8 week transformation 2.0 Yes!!! I got a message from Isha on Instagram in 2015.

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Lost 32 kilos in 24 Weeks.


Lost 26 kilos in 24 Weeks.


Lost 20 kilos in 12 Weeks.

Shukla has lost 20 kg in 12 weeks Congratulations my boy. You have inspired us a lot... All the best

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Lost 18 Kilos fat in 12 Weeks.


Lost 16 kilos in 12 Weeks.


Lost 14 kilos 12 Weeks.

One more crazy transformation in transformation rush! My client Divyaraj has lost 14kg in my 12 week transformation. 94kg to 80kg.


Lost 14 Kilos in 8 Weeks.

Shammi lost 14 kilos in just 8 weeks! Surprised ? Let me tell you about his successful transformation journey. Shammi was my client in 2013 first but that time Shammi was not sincere about his health.

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Lost 11 kilos in 11 Weeks.

he Rocking Siddhant’s Boy’s transformation, It is not easy to leave a life style you have and switch to a discipline life style in today’s time.Today, I am going to share a success story of my client Adarsh Mehta.

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Lost 11 kilos.

The Mocha Man!!! Haha! People say they cannot control temptation! But Siddhant's boy can! This guy was always around temptations but he never got tempted because he believed, "it's all in your mind

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Lost 11 kilos in 12 Weeks


Gain 8 kilos in 8 Weeks.


Lost 10 kilos in 12 Weeks.

The Muscle Hunk Siddhant’s Boy is here! "Another Successful Online Transformation"!! 3 Months ago, one of my clients came up to me asking to train her brothers friend.

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