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My Name is Siddhant Bist. I am basically from India born and raised in Indore city. I am a Transformation Trainer and an online Personal Trainer. Presently, I am associated with Gold’s International Gym. I have successfully transformed more than 40 clients with my programme. How I came in the fitness industry. I was a very fat kid, but my father was my inspiration to me. As I grew older, his amazing physique kept inspiring me, and because of this I was always inclined to join the gym as soon as possible. But, my father wanted me to wait for the perfect age, and instead he made me join diving as I was quite chubby. Unfortunately, due to an accident I had to leave diving which led me into depression. My father decided that now is the time for me to join the gym. In no time, precisely 6 months, I built a great physique. I trained for a couple of years and then decided to do a personal trainer certification course & joined Gold’s Gym. I started my fitness career as a General Trainer in 2010. It took a lot of hard work, struggle and persistence and finally all paid off when I was promoted from general trainer to Personal Trainer with 2 years. I did not stop. I had clients back to back in all time slots and soon within an year, in 2013, I was promoted as a Premium Trainer. During this period, I got an opportunity to train a client in Africa. I was there for an year. I learnt a lot and met different bodybuilders. I learnt more strategies for fitness and with the new knowledge, I designed my first 12 Week Transformation Programme. Then I came back to India in 2015 and joined Gold’s Gym and was promoted as The Transformation Trainer where I launched my 12 week transformation program. Me and my clients got amazing results. After the success of my 12 week transformation program, i thought of designing a new program. I took a break from gym, again went to Africa and got time to work on the 8 Week Transformation Program. Having achieved positive results, and on demand I started training clients online and therefore creating this website so that you can reach me easily and ask your queries.


My Transformation Success Story

Story behind 8 Week Transformation

40+ Protein Shakes, Hours of Cardio, Tons of Sweat, And slaughtering myself in the gym in every single

I am back with the Transformation Series 2.0. But this time not 12 Weeks but only 8 weeks! Since I launched my 12 Week Transformation Series part 1 back in 2014 where I transformed more than 30 people in 2 years, I always knew ill develop a new Series very soon. Fortunately I got the opportunity for Misson Africa 2.0 where I got alot of time to design my new program.

During my experience of 12 Week Transformation part 1, I noticed that a lot of clients gave up around week 9, 10 and 11. Many clients did not have time for 12 weeks. So keeping all this in consideration, the new program was conceived. I structured my 13 years of training experience and all the knowledge about health to design a short duration program of 8 weeks, where people can achieve great results in minimum time. When I went to Africa I weighed 82.5 kilos. I was lean and muscular. I was really nervous to give up this shape to experiment the new program. For once I thought I can skip the “Experiment on myself” bit and start it directly but NO. I wouldn’t have got the confidence to do it on my clients had I not done it on myself first. I wanted to feel it for myself what my clients were going to feel in those 8 weeks. Then the worst part began. Weight gaining. I did not workout for 4 months and gained 14.4 kgs. Imagine it can take as less as 4 months to transform your body in a negative way. I started my journey and at that point I weighed 96.9 kilos. It was scary for me. But I kept my self motivated and positive because that’s the key to bring any change you want in life. The first day at the gym was the worst day of my life it seemed. I was literally breathless I felt like I was gymming for the first time in my life, but my clients were always there to motivate me. I kept going and pushed myself. The changes were noticeable in week 1 itself. I was super excited and was more sure to keep going. After that every single week I lost more than a kilo. It was a surprise for me too. On top of that every single day I could see good changes in my body. As you all know I never judge results by the number on the scale but still I lost 13.4 kilos I could notice drastic change in the mirror. After finishing 8 weeks transformation program I got the confidence to launch this workout with pride. Never give up before trying.

My Success Story of 12 Week Transformation Program

This was back in Africa where i gained fat on purpose to experiment and evaluate how well the 12weekTransformationProgram works!

I started off with 96 kgs and after following a strict diet regime and with intense training sessions!

I could achieve my goal 85 kgs in 10 weeks! My purpose was to understand the psychological and physical aspects associated with clients and ensure they trust the journey as it has been "Tried and tested"!

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