Age is just a no. on your driving license.

It’s been more than 13 years that I am in fitness industry! I have trained many clients Male, female young, old. Today I want to share my experience why age is just a no. Right now I am in Africa For the second time to accomplish my mission, "mission Africa 2.0. " since long I have been thinking about writing on Age. Then finally I got motivation here in Africa, First of all I would like to address a myth - You are never too old to start gymming.its very beneficial if u start,i guarantee it.

In the Picture you can see an elderly man standing along with me.I used to observe him in the Gym He comes to the gym every single day, he doesn’t talk to any one just focuses on his workout. Once we had talk over fitness I was appreciating him, I asked him how long he has been working out, He said 3 years, and I told him he has achieved amazing physique in 3 years, and asked him tell something about his journey! He was very happy to share. He said "3 years ago I was not well. Then suddenly I had a thought I am turning into 60’s,and I don’t want to spend my life in hospitals or on bed, I don’t want to eat any shit in this age like candy, loads of sugar,fries etc.Then I met my friend and asked him to train me."& for last three Years,i m very regular and now I am very much confident.I feel fit energetic strong just because of gymming and proper nutrition, Despite of my age which is 60 Plus I don’t feel like,I feel as I am very young!

I was really happy and I appreciated him a lot. Because in my career I met lot of elderly people whether they are Male of Female,They all always living in a myth that they are old and cant gym. Gym is not for us,at this age we should worship or we should travel.

This is really an annoying statement. No matter how old you are, you need to start working out now. Let me tell you why you should start lifting- if you are Male your body has natural muscle building hormone which is testosterone and at the age of 20 to 30 your testosterone hormone is on peak By the time you get old your testosterone levels start getting low, If you are doing proper Weight Training, Cardio With proper nutrition you can maintain good muscle mass and testosterone levels as well,by eating good quality protein,if you eat quality first class protein you can help your system to maintain it naturally. You will be less prone to disease, and will have a healthy heart, Maintained blood pressure and sugar Levels, improvement in functionality and day to day activity. If you are female, your body has very less testosterone you need to workout more than a male does. you should also start gymming, Lot of females think If they Will lift they will become like male body builders.its a big time myth its not possible because of very low testosterone levels In my next blog I will write about "why woman should lift".will address a lot of myths too! So bottom line is age is just a no. There’s no age limit to start so start lifting today!

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